I have a Father who knows my name. In fact, He named me before my parents named me and He knows more about me than any one person on this earth. He knows my laugh, my smile, my fears, and my anxieties. He knows what hobbies I have, my personal ambitions and every hesitation in my heart. He knows what comforts me, what makes me nervous, what makes me angry or sad. He knows the things my heart desires most in this life because He placed them there. He also knows what fills my heart with the ultimate joy and is still familiar with every moment of disappointment and hurt.  My Father sees my insecurities and even knows why I have a tendency to deflect compliments given me by my husband. He has witnessed every bump and bruise my heart has endured throughout this lifetime, but He has shown me that He was there when I fell, there when I walked away from Him, and there when I couldn’t find my way. He has felt every tear I’ve cried and has them stored up and safely in His possession. He’s smiled upon every moment of joyous excitement and has held my hand during every hour I’ve spent in the valley. He has been my strength when I had nothing left to give, yet still throws His arm around me and reminds me of what I am capable of because He is with me. He has promised that He will never leave me and that I am His. My Father has taught me who He is and Who I am to Him. He calls me precious. He calls me beautiful. He calls me Rebekah.

I am Rebekah Meredith, the wife of Nathan, sister to eleven siblings, sister in law to many, an aunt, a cousin, a daughter, a daughter in law and a friend. I’m originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and by the LORD’s calling, live in the suburbs of Nashville, TN and love it here more than I could have ever imagined.